Introducing…Jeffrey Robison!

Jeffrey Robison

Mr. Jeffrey Robison, our newest ballroom dance instructor

TC Dance Club is pleased to welcome Jeffrey Robison to our teaching and business development staff.

Jeffrey is an experienced cross-industry leader in sales and business development. His achievements include opening both domestic and foreign markets for distribution of consumer products, entailing all levels of compliance with import/export laws and product regulations, as well as robust international sales and marketing strategies.

A Purdue University graduate, he is extremely passionate about dance, the joy it has brought to his own life and the desire for others to experience this same joy. As a firm believer in strengthening customer relationships with quality, personal service, in addition to the use of today’s technology, Jeffrey brings to TC Dance Club a proven record of increasing both U.S. domestic and international revenue for his employers.

Jeffrey has been involved in music and dance since he was a child. His passion for Ballroom and Latin Dance was ignited in 1997 while living in California, where he was highly influenced by the West Coast / LA nightclub Salsa and Latin Dance movement. His teaching and dance experiences extend throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. He will be teaching new group and private classes focused on a variety of dance styles and be involved in TC Dance Club performances and showcases. Jeffrey’s enthusiasm and passion for dance are contagious. These qualities coupled with his style of teaching brings to TC Dance Club another great blend for dancing well, looking smooth and having a great time on the dance floor. As with all TC Dance Club instructors, Jeffrey’s lessons will focus not only on the technical aspects of dance, but also on feeling comfortable on the dance floor and having fun.