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Introducing…Kaz Anderson!

Our newest Instructor, Mr. Kaz Anderson

Our newest Instructor, Mr. Kaz Anderson

We are extremely pleased to introduce you to the newest Instructor at TC Dance Club – Appleton, Mr. Kaz Anderson! Many of you have met and danced with Kaz already, but if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, please stop by the Club and say hello!

Raised in an active and adventurous family, Kaz Anderson began dancing in 2004. He’s come and gone since then; but the mental and physical challenge of dance has kept him coming back to the dance floor.

From a missionary trip to Mexico with his brother and grandfather to exploring the atmosphere of India, Kaz loves to travel. He’s studied abroad, hiked across Spain, and visited with friends in Germany.

Kaz enjoys meeting new people and sharing the joy of dance. “Lessons should be fun”, he says, and Kaz adapts easily to the learning styles of his students.

Travel adventures and rollerblading keep Kaz challenged when he’s not at the Club and yes, Kaz is the guy you’ll see wearing shorts throughout the Wisconsin Winter.