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We brought home the trophy!

And raised A LOT of money for the American Red Cross! This past weekend was Dancing With Our Stars at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay. Terry danced with two of our Members, Lusine Weitz and Kelly Wolff, making up Team Vixens.

Lusine Weitz and Terry Irwin

Terry and Lusine did a beautiful and moving Viennese Waltz, and Kelly and Terry did a spectacular Rhythm Medley with help from several backup dancers, that brought home the judges choice award! Our Members and Staff worked very hard, not only on their dances, but Team Vixens held several fundraising events prior to the big show. Over $200,000 was raised, with Team Vixens raising $42,000 of the total!

Kelly Wolff sitting on Terry Irwin’s shoulders

You can watch video performances on the American Red Cross Northeast Wisconsin Chapter’s YouTube channel. Be sure to check out Lusine and Kelly’s dances. You won’t be disappointed!

Introducing…Jeffrey Robison!

Jeffrey Robison

Mr. Jeffrey Robison, our newest ballroom dance instructor

TC Dance Club is pleased to welcome Jeffrey Robison to our teaching and business development staff.

Jeffrey is an experienced cross-industry leader in sales and business development. His achievements include opening both domestic and foreign markets for distribution of consumer products, entailing all levels of compliance with import/export laws and product regulations, as well as robust international sales and marketing strategies.

A Purdue University graduate, he is extremely passionate about dance, the joy it has brought to his own life and the desire for others to experience this same joy. As a firm believer in strengthening customer relationships with quality, personal service, in addition to the use of today’s technology, Jeffrey brings to TC Dance Club a proven record of increasing both U.S. domestic and international revenue for his employers.

Jeffrey has been involved in music and dance since he was a child. His passion for Ballroom and Latin Dance was ignited in 1997 while living in California, where he was highly influenced by the West Coast / LA nightclub Salsa and Latin Dance movement. His teaching and dance experiences extend throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. He will be teaching new group and private classes focused on a variety of dance styles and be involved in TC Dance Club performances and showcases. Jeffrey’s enthusiasm and passion for dance are contagious. These qualities coupled with his style of teaching brings to TC Dance Club another great blend for dancing well, looking smooth and having a great time on the dance floor. As with all TC Dance Club instructors, Jeffrey’s lessons will focus not only on the technical aspects of dance, but also on feeling comfortable on the dance floor and having fun.

Reintroducing…Autumn Hill!

This spring, our team continues to flourish with the addition of Autumn Hill as an Instructor. Autumn Headshot

Autumn became intrigued with Social Ballroom Dance because of its combination of benefits for mind, body, and soul.

“Your brain is fully engaged with physical activity, and it’s impossible to think of outside stressful things when you’re dancing. The benefits of music therapy are well known and combining that with physical and mental activity is a healthy blend.”

Autumn is a Fox Valley native who ventured off to Denver, earning her BFA degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and a Certificate in Web Development from the Colorado Institute of Art.

She eventually returned to the Fox Valley and launched Autumn Hill, LLC, a marketing communications business. She is also an adjunct instructor at the FVTC Venture Center, and is passionate about teaching correct technique, whether in business or in dance.

Growing up in a musical, athletic family, early on, she combined those two with figure skating, gymnastics, ballet, and performing arts.

Autumn says, “Ballroom dance is an activity that you can begin at any age and enjoy at any level. There’s plenty of challenge if that’s what you’re looking for or you can learn just for the fun of it. “ Autumn enjoys working with new students, helping them reach their goals, and introducing them to the joy that can be found through ballroom dancing.

A Dance Dream Come True!

1 Black and Pink Ball

John and Eunice dance to Edelweiss at the Black and Pink Ball.

John Botsford is a Vietnam Veteran battling serious illnesses, including stage-four bone cancer.  In December, John and his special lady, Eunice Sheberl, were invited by friends to attend the Mid-Day Women’s Alliance Black & Pink Ball in Menasha.

“When Eunice and I walked into that ballroom, we thought we were just going out dancing for the evening. We had no idea what was about to happen”, smiled John.

You see, John’s 20-year dream was to dance with Eunice at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria on New Years Eve, so John’s friends surpris

2 John and Terry

John and Terry at TC Dance Club before the trip.

ed him by arranging a special spotlight dance to selections from his favorite musical, “The Sound of Music”. As they danced, the room fell silent and tears of joy streamed down John’s face. The audience cried with him.


When Terry Irwin, owner of TC Dance Club International witnessed John and Eunice’s dance and heard John’s story, he knew he had to do something to make John’s dream come true for real and get them to Vienna by New Year’s Eve. “It just pulled at my heart strings”, said Terry.

5 Formal at the Ball

John and Eunice at the Ball!

Terry followed through with his quest. Terry Irwin, along with the media and hundreds of community members came together to make John’s dream come true.

John and Eunice traveled to Vienna, Austria with stops in Amsterdam, Munich, and Salzburg. They visited grand cathedrals, castles, saw the Lipizzan Stallions dance, heard the Vienna Boy’s Choir, and more.

Then, on New Year’s Eve, John and Eunice dined and danced in their finest along with thousands and met people from all over the world. Just before Midnight, the countdown began, the Palace bells rang out with gusto, and the orchestra played the Blue Danube Waltz. They hardly noticed the champagne being poured as silver streamers fell from the ceiling and enveloped them on the dance floor as their dream came true.

6 John in Cravat

John’s ascot was hand made by Eunice. His pin is a skating pin that they won in a competition. These details were conversation starters at the Ball!

John eyes misted as he said, “I’ve always been strong and able to help others and now I’m having to get used to accepting help from others. Eunice and I are so blessed. Thank you, Terry Irwin, and everyone who helped make our dream come true.”

Thank you to the media in our region that helped us get the word out about the fundraising campaign. You can read more about John and his story by clicking the following links.